Sunday, February 10, 2013

Card Share

Phew, it's been a while since i haven't write on my blog. I have been kinda busy since i started uploading videos on YouTube. I also started to participate in challenge, and i have been uploading more and more videos, which is kinda fun now, less intimidating and shy! I feel very welcoming in the crafty community on YouTube. 

Anyways, i want to show some of my card that i have been making throughout the weeks. The quality of the picture is kind of blurry, for some reason maybe i should have take them earlier when the sun was high and shine or maybe it was my Ipad lenses that was dirty, either way here they are:

1. This one i made it for a Challenge on YouTube, my second challenge. I'm sponsored by JenCali78 for Aisha Oldies and Newbies Challenge. To know more about the challenge check out this video on YouTube. Aisha - Oldies and Newbies Challenge

2. Another Challenge for Aottmers224 - 500 subbie and birthday celebration. I love making birthday and Christmas card so this challenge i couldn't miss it, i have to participate and here is the Birthday card, turn out pretty cute than i expected and wanted to keep it haha. To be honest i always wants to keep every single card that i make, but if i do what's the point of making it right?!

I previously make this one, but since it was too simple i decided to re-make it and it is the one you see above =)
PS. The quality sucks, but anyways...

3. My fourth challenge of the month is for Steph10892 - 560 Subbie Challenge and it was to make a card where i need to find inspiration in everyday things. so i was inspired by NYC weather, here in New York on Friday's night there was a snow storm that lasted i guess until Saturday morning with 6 inches or so of snow. Anyways so i was inspired by the snowy day of NY. and here is the card.

 4. Last, but not least i got my very first Happy Mail from Aisha, to make the long story short she send me something that i make a comment on her YouTube channel and she didn't want them so she mail them to me and i have decided to make 2 cards for her as a Thank You card and here they are. (i still haven't mail it out yet, since i will like to include some goodies along the envelope)

That's it for today, i will be back soon!



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