Sunday, June 2, 2013

Birthday Cards

One of the theme that i love and enjoy the most to make is Birthday cards, it is so much fun to make them! And i can always mail them to my friends... 

Today i am going to show you all the birthday cards that i have been working on during the past weeks, some were for challenges on YouTube while others were for friends. All the ideas and inspirations comes from Pinterest, but of course we always add that touch that makes it unique.

This one, was for my friend from CA. 
It's one of my favorite. 
I use the balloon punch from Martha Stewart
And the Happy Birthday sentiment is from "My cute stamps" called "Birthday Numbers" 

For a challenge that i participate on YouTube, i didn't like how it came out since i did it last minute and i wasn't good a coloring stamp images. 

This time i got better at coloring. 
The stamp image is by C.C. Design and is Cupcake Cherrie
For Tina Birthday Challenge 

Here practicing using what i have left from scrap papers and create a nice pattern

Love it so much that i make another similar one with different colors. PINK (My favorite color)

This one is for a challenge. She is turning 16 and love animals such as reptile, monkey and tiger and i have decided to put them all together in one card for her. 
Thanks to Aisha who gave me the stamp set from a winning challenge =D

I love how this one came out with the cupcake, butterfly and the design of it @.@

Last, but not least another challenge on YouTube. This time i had to make a birthday card using flowers and rhinestone.

Another birthday card share coming up, i am going to blog a card that i make today for my boyfriend's niece who is turning 3 next Saturday and also another project that i am working on. 

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