Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's a Boy.!


I am back with another card and this time is for a baby boy, its the first time my bf asks me to make a card, to be honest i was a little bit nervous, not because he ask me to make a card, but it was because he was going to give it to all his co-workers to sign and give it to his manager who is having a baby boy so it had to be PERFECT~ yes it has to be perfect. Put it this way it is like someone requested an order of your handmade cards and you just want to try your best to make it look good. 

I am not gonna lie, but i did like 3 cards, not 1 but 3 i had to give him the option to choose which one he like the most, i personally am a perfectionist, i will try to do it another one and another one until i feel like this is the one and is perfect. Although this time i like all 3 of them and i will only show the one he picked. The others i will show it in another time. 

I prefer to make size A2 cards, but he said he need it a big card so everybody can sign and it was going to be for more than 30+ employees, so i make the card size A7 not my favorite, i am not used to making a big card like that size. 

...and so that's it for today, i hope i can come back more often and post more cards, but lately ever since its summer here in NYC i have been staying more outdoors and enjoying the weather, we only get a few months of heat after that is gonna be cold all year round so gotta take advantage of that... 

Until next time!



Nora N. said...

You did a fabulous job on this card!! A7 is such a difficult size to make. You did a nice job on taking up the space but still leaving enough for the eye to "roam" as they say. Just adorable!!

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