Monday, October 1, 2012

Gift Boxes

I love gift boxes, this was my first time making it and i LOVE them, of course they do require more time and different materials, in which i have to purchase them before starting to do, but once you start it, you wont be able to stop...

I did one and wanted to make more and more, first i was thinking it was going to be for my BF, yes again, like i mention before all i did was to give it to my BF as a gift for different special occasion, he was very impressed at first thought, but now... i guess not as impress since he knows how much i spend on scrapbook materials now lol. So the rest of the boxes i make them for fun and i still keep them 'cause i haven't find anything special to give it away yet! :)

Anyways here are all the Gifts Boxes that i made from different tutorials. I wont give the links this time unless someone request it.

This gift boxes is perfect as a favors for baby's shower, bridal's shower, or even for birthdays and weddings. Also for Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc etc'

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