Sunday, October 7, 2012

Birthday card's for my sister.

I made this for my sister 24th birthday back in July, i think this was the first time i made something for her haha...

Recently she started to learn how to bake and loves to do cupcakes, so i decided that will be the theme for the cards. I made 3 for her and all 3 comes from different tutorials. 

1. The first one is "Cupcake Pocket Card" where i put $$$ in there, you can also put a gift card or just write a note, there are lots of way you can do with it, the tutorial is from CraftStar, although the quality of her tutorial are kind of poor, but if you follow step by step you will get the idea and be able to make it, i did it, so can you.
The tutorial is in Spanish    

2. The Second is like a cup, where you can put some candy, chocolate, a little gift and a note. Something tiny for that little cup. The tutorial was by Craftingeek my favorite channel and are all in spanish! 

3. The last one is Cupcake card! this was my first challenge card, from a tutorial where it has no instructions at all, you can see step by step, but hardly the measurements that she use, so i decided to challenge myself and try to do it and i did it.! is not the same, but is similar and i love it. The tutorial is from Starofmay i lover her videos and her handmade card are gorgeous!!! Love, love, love everything she make!!! i wish i can do more cards like her and someday my cards will be as beautiful as hers. The tutorial

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