Friday, October 26, 2012

Another Birthday...

I know another birthday, i think it is my favorite theme to make cards haha... 

I made this birthday card months ago in advance for someone, i believe it was going to be for my BF's mom birthday which was in September, BUT guess what?!!! i totally forgot to give it to her!!!! i know... i made it for nothing... well the good thing is that i didn't write anything on it so i can still give it to someone else...... The thing is that i like it so much, i kinda wanna stay with it....

I believe this is the second time i make a card without following the measurements at all... in the tutorial she uses inches and i have never use inches before. I only learned to use cm. so its kind of complicated for me to follow the measurements when it comes to inches, and i decided to do the measurements on my own. 

The tutorial is by Kristina Werner (MACM - Happy Birthday), she is AMAZING.!!! i love every single cards that she make.!!! every time i make a card from her tutorials is a challenge for me, because i have to figure out how to use the measurements since she uses inches. But i always have so much fun making it and the result are not quite bad right?!

-Until next time.



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