Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Farewell to my Co-Worker!

One of my co-worker is leaving the company, she is going back to her hometown so i have decided to make her a card. It is so sad to see people leave the company... since we spend most of our time at work. 5 days a week and 8hrs a day. They do become like our second family and today one of so many co workers is leaving us. So i decided to make a card for her and have all of us who work there write her a note and we did while she was off. 

Here is the card:

I love "Anya Lifts" she is so much fun to color with since she is a big size stamp, and i actually won her from one of the challenges hosted by The Greeting Farm every Friday on the Farm Fresh Friday! and i was so happy to be able to pick her up.

That's it for today, every time i think that there is only 2 days left for her to leave i am so sad. We have been working together for such a short period of time and i will miss her so much! We have share so many things together and she was so much fun to work with even thought she gets on my nerve and does forget things a lot but indeed it was a pleasure to work with her. 

Until next time...



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