Friday, October 24, 2014

Crafty Steals Challenge

October’s Third Thursday CARD Challenge

Hello everyone, so its time for another challenge and this time is the third Thursday challenge by Craft Steals where every third Thursday of every month they do a challenge! This time we have to follow the sketch below: 

Easy right? so i have decided once again to go for Christmas card because it is that time of the year!!! Time to make Christmas card now since its only like what 2 months left~ yes two months LEFT!!!!!! WOW another year will be gone just like that... sigh so anyways here is my card:

 It's a very clean and simple style and i hope i will be sharing with you more Christmas card that i had make for the card drive that Jennifer McGuire is hosting for nursing homes. If you want to join Crafty Steals October Third Thursday Challenge you still have time! Here is the link to read the rules and how to enter (Click Here)

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