Sunday, November 18, 2012

New Material

Couple of weeks ago i went to Michaels and Walmart to get new materials, (like i don't have enough material for Scrapbook already lol), anyways it seems i just want to buy more and more and yet don't get to use all of them... oh well.

I haven't upload any new cards, because lately i have been busy and haven't got a chance to make more cards other than Christmas card which i will be mailing out soon, probably in two weeks after that i will be able to upload all of them here... 

In the meantime, let me show my scrapbook haul:

1. Clear Stamps from Recollections (Perfect for borders)
2. Clear Stamps from Hero Arts (Christmas Theme)
3. Envelopes from Recollections
4. A box to organize my buttons
5. Foam stickers in Alphabet
6. Colors Buttons from Walmart 
7. Lady Bugs Brads from Recollections
8. Power Bond Adhesive Tape Runner from The Craft Collection Tombo
9. Card stock Paper (Lately loving that color, it goes with everything)
10. Christmas cardstock paper! (felt in love with it and had to buy it)

I seriously need a room for ALL my scrapbook materials, its getting bigger and bigger and i have no more rooms to put them all, my BF is trying to stop me from buying so many, but he failed!... I will upload my xmas cards soon! 

Until next time...



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