Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My first YouTube video.!

First of all Happy New Year 2013!!!

I wanted to start 2013 with my first YouTube video, after thinking so so soo many times, i have finally decided to upload my very first video on my YouTube channel, of course the quality is not good, since i record it with my 10.2 mega pixel Samsung camera, so next time i should record it with my iPad, or maybe get a new camera!!! either way i think this will not be my first and last time uploading a video, i am thinking to upload more videos later on, probably more of my scrapbook haul or just show my handmade cards. 

So here it is my first video about a "Grab Bag" that i got from http://www.peachycheap.com/, is a one day deal and it was a Christmas deal with scrapbook assortment. Value of $55 and i got it for $20 including the shipping cost. (not bad) Although it took almost a week to get the package, because of the busy holiday season.  

In advance sorry for the quality, even thought i record it next to my window with natural lighting from the morning sunshine!!! haha still it didn't came out as good as i wanted to. Anyways i still have a long long longgg way to learn more about videos and how to edit them. In the meantime enjoy it.

Thanks for watching!



Emmie said...

Yay congrats, i wish you success on YouTube. I'm on there as well i'm PrettyThingsRock, best of luck with your channel, I already subbed you. Take care & Blessings.

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